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What Your Vagina Wants From You This Year

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

How many of us value the importance of achieving #goals? More than likely, most of us fall into that category.But did you know that your vagina has goals too?! It’s true sis! Here is your vagina’s top list of goals for this year: (they might surprise you!)

  1. Call her by her proper name. Know your body and it’s parts. Become comfortable calling your vagina by it’s proper name - vagina. Not va-jay-jay, poo poo, or pocketbook. Do you know what the labia majora are? How about your vulva? This year is a great time to learn!

  2. Teach your children proper reproductive anatomy. We would be surprised if we learned just how much people do not really know about their own bodies. If our girls know their bodies better, then they are empowered to treat it better! Let’s give our girls the gift of knowledge.

  3. Stop douching. Douching has been shown NOT to help vaginas. In fact, they often do the opposite. Douches don’t “clean you out”. Rather, they increase your risk for bacterial vaginosis.

  4. Have good sex! By good sex, I mean, consensual, safe, protected, and fun sex. Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections, and choose monogamous relationships. Properly clean sex toys. Your vagina is one of your most sacred places and wants to be treated with care.

  5. See your health provider when needed. Women should visit their women’s health provider at least once a year for their annual visit. If you are having symptoms, schedule a visit much sooner.

  6. Be honest with your provider. It is so important to choose a healthcare provider that you truly trust! Ask yourself, “Is your healthcare provider someone you are comfortable being vulnerable and completely honest with?” Choosing the right person is just that important! We, as health professionals, can only help when there is honesty in the relationship. Make sure that your healthcare provider is someone that you can be open, honest, and unashamed about your vaginal health.

  7. Stop using soap. The tried and true piece of advice - vaginas don’t need soap. Vaginas just need water. Using soap, especially scented soap, can irritate the vagina and increase risk of altering its pH balance.

  8. Maintain a healthy diet. Believe it or not, your diet impacts vaginal health too! Maintain a quality diet composed of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats and low in processed foods. This will help maintain skin integrity (strength and stretchiness), improve immune health and decrease risk of infection.

I hope you consider adding these #vaginalgoals to your list!

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