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Are Vaginal Steams Safe?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Are Vaginal Steams Safe? Do they really cleanse the vagina or help with things like fibroids, cysts, and fertility?

To be honest, there are still many mixed thoughts concerning this topic. As of now, there is no scientific data that supports the safety and benefits of vaginal steaming. However, vaginal steams are thought to date back to ancient practices in eastern medicine. Some women enjoy the relaxation of an “herbal steam therapy” for their vulvar skin as they would a facial. Some herbs may help improve reproductive health; however, there is no evidence that steaming them into the vagina does so.

If you do decide to try a vaginal steam, it is important to practice it safely. Be sure to ask what herbs are being used, and do your homework on the purposes and side effects of each herb. Also, the vulva and lower vagina is sensitive; therefore, be aware of the risks of burns or increased risk of causing vulvar or vaginal infections. Lastly, recognize false claims. Vaginal steams do not “cleanse” the vagina, heal uterine or ovarian concerns such as fibroids or ovarian cysts, improve fertility or regulate hormones.

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