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Perinatal Teletherapy
for Women of Color by Providers of Color.

Perinatal Mental Health Matters. Schedule Your Appointment Today!

It's time for women's health to be a your way. Get the care you deserve at the convenience you need! Our virtual clinic is here for you! We offer perinatal mental health services during pregnancy, postpartum and those battling infertility and/or pregnancy loss. Clinical services are currently available for residents in the following states: CA, MD, and VA. 

We strive to break the stigma of perinatal mental health in Black and Brown women.

Representation matters to us. Our mission is to empower Black and Brown women in their health by connecting them to Black and Brown health professionals.


Coceaux Health® strives to provide the best virtual women's health care experience to Black women. Our health professionals are here to help you when you need in a safe and accessible atmosphere. You are valued, heard, and understood.  

Are you a Black or Brown health professional looking to join Coceaux Health®? Join our network!

Dr. Shaughanassee Vines, DNP, CNE, CNM, FACNM Certified Nurse Midwife

We make women's health go virtual so women can access the care they want at the convenience they need. 

A personalized platform for women of color's health: Care, Content, and Community just for you!

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